1. Why provide two distinct services instead of focusing on just one?

If you have the passion of running two distinct, specialist services and one of them takes much longer for a client to make a final decision then two is sufficient. A purchase (upfront payment) can mean a final decision. I am also very aware of consultants providing a specific coaching service too. This is totally acceptable as long as he / she has a life coaching diploma and is CPD active to practice specialist coaching. Atul Nayak PhD can proudly claim specialism in PIC (Product Innovation Consultancy) and CDTRC (Career Developmental, Transitional and Relationship Coaching). 

2. Why does your product innovation consultation take long for the client to make a final decision?

The maximum time taken for clients to make a final informed decision is one week. Realistic and novel ideas can take upto one month to execute. This compensates for any immediate refund request. Product innovation development is indeed not as common as reviewing a finished product on the market. Your functional working prototype (FUNWP) is your tangible “evidence” before having the targeted budget towards potential idea selling or marketing. You will partially reveal your FUNWP to investors. You need not be a wealthy professional, say with a minimum £50,000 budget. Just like research, the problem statement or hypothesis (chemical formulation) in the idea development stage should never be rushed.

3. You are highly qualified. Why not provide a "FULL" PIC service?

Atul Nayak PhD is a specialised proprietorship with a personalised touch. There are no current plans to become a limited company with everything under one roof at present. Atul Nayak PhD performed his own research, within two months, before starting his specialist proprietorship. There are significant gaps upto mid range level for Gadgets and Chemical Formulation. This means that idea generation, planning and POF are normally rushed and corners cut in most cases (Atul Nayak PhD’s strategy). The “full” service usually means the innovation end stage is taken care of than the early to mid stage. Normally highly established innovation consultants including patent lawyers charging at least £100 per hour are not going to spend sufficient time in early or mid stage strategic areas coupled with advanced materials knowledge as Atul Nayak PhD. 

4. What made you get into career coaching as a profession?

Every professional graduate no matter how qualified and experienced has their own story to tell. Great success is real and mostly subjective. Dr Nayak experienced a very good career and he held onto mostly middle occupational level technological and scientific careers. Mostly contractual employment due to his adventurous nature until his mid thirties. It was in the middle of his PhD that he received career coaching. Looking back, his self esteem and organisational abilities at times were shaky. As Dr Nayak’s self esteem grew stronger and his personality glowed with leadership qualities, he first thought about career coaching in 2019 but was unwell. In 2022, he started Atul Nayak PhD with little business sense but strong expertise. It has been a bumpy ride mainly due to Covid 19, nevertheless challenges were overcome and the excitement grows. Also Atul Nayak PhD is grateful to his close family for their moral support. Specialist proprietorship need not be a lonely existence. You just do not keep reading business books, you need to keep learning and practicing with tremendous confidence. Also it can always take time to grow your own network. 

5. Why market career coaching as a special acronym CDTRC?

One needs to stand out from the crowd. Dr Nayak came up with career developmental, transitional and relationship coaching (CDTRC). Yes CDTRC covers more than just basic areas of career coaching and hence a specialist niche. Career Coaching remains an acceptable profession but it appears suitable for those that can fully concentrate on it in broader fields.

6. PIC sounds like pick or something unrelated! Why PIC?

Another very good critique question; never given sufficient thought much earlier despite remaining honest in expertise. I could have marketed PIC as GCFI i.e. Gadgets and Chemical Formulation Innovation. This isn’t easy to remember as CDTRC and if GCFI lettering is rearranged to GIFC, this new rearranged acronym still does not sound right. PIC is an easy to remember acronym for Product Innovation Consultation. When I emphasize the specific product groups of gadgets and chemical formulation, then it becomes clearer to an intellectual audience.

7. Is there a set minimum price for your services?

Indeed as the minimum price is a guide price to reflect the high standards provided. Look out for discounts. The set price is £29 for the full hour, applicable to both PIC and CDTRC. As time can be a precious commodity, either service starts from the part that you need more assistance with, hence bespoke. 

8. What are your opening times?

I operate an appointment only service set in one hour slots; Monday to Sunday from 08:00 hrs till 20:00 hrs excluding any pre planned holidays. My schedule fits in relevant behind the scenes consultation or coaching report writing that fits in with meeting arranged client’s appointment.