"Qualified professional?" You or maybe your cohort might be asking. Indeed! I’m Atul, a NATURAL PRODUCT INNOVATION CONSULTANT (PIC) and a CAREER DTR COACH (CDTRC). More revealing details as you digest our concise content inquisitively; also gaining an understanding that both our specialist services are equal in excellence. 

Ideally you're highly inqusitive in natural care or health based products (PIC) OR in career focused self improvement (CDTRC). Also some inherent knowledge and your enthusiasm can assist Atul Nayak PhD. All intellectuals, old and young, are constantly absorbing knowledge. Keep bringing out the best in you! You need'nt be a member of any posh club.  

My dual niche concept is unqiue and in growing demand. If you're not opinionated, there is no rule book telling you to adopt only one big niche. You could commence with two as long as you can manage it! Quick example: Personal relation coach and consultant psychologist OR trialling a "side hustle" outside your main job.  

DTR stands for developmental, transitional and relationship. So please do read on about my specialist offering. Let's bring a focused and interesting discussion to the table if you'd like to know more directly! All T&C links at the very bottom of this 1 page website. 



Adapt your finest ideas to tangible natural or organic product formulations! Your "meta sophisticated" PoC to a finished product;

Your best ideas to tangible natural or organic product formulations;

Your proof of concept (PoC) is transformed into your own functional natural or organic finished product. Your PoC must be GRAS and compatible with essential compounds derived from natural sources. YOU maybe graduate calibre OR senior management level with a creative mindset. Nevertheless a background in innovation or say, polymer engineer is not essential.


Our specialist PI consultation is competitive. You have the option of natural or organic compounding towards beneficial finished products. Making a demo version at home is encouraged! Our guidance towards suitable processing need not be entirely frugal, say £1, nor on the opposite spectrum; clean room processing, estimated at £650 / hour, just for finished new samples! 


Your chemical formulations are either for personal use or batch use in stoking inquisitivity and incentivisation. In this context, chemical formulations are ethical and beneficial to humanity. Intellectually personalised and professional are part of Atul Nayak PhD's service. 

Product Innovation towards a specific purpose benefiting you with total insight;

Specify your product innovative purpose;

The main target market for innovative natural or organic chemical product formula remains strongly in bodycare, skincare and diet / nutrition. There are numerous credible statistics showing favoured market demand here and just stating them does not do justice!

Focused innovative products previously scrutinised are body soap, skin micro puncture units and nutrient films. We can support your quest towards innovating your defined natural or organic product focus via an understood market.  

For processing beyond in house resources, collaborations are achieved with a suitable third party technical firm. Our services avoid any lengthy binding partnerships. Business collaborations are suitable for demonstratable trial products while keep costs affordable to your budget. Overall you will be having fun coupled with serious innovative tasks to deliver ideal results. No ongoing analysis paralysis to commence with!

An idealist career and freer lifestyle is bigger than any firm's strict pecking order;

Focus on an idealist career and freer lifestyle;

Supposing you're a recent technical graduate with a proud MSc to your name. You'll need to keep weighing your passions, talents and the less interesting bits in self improvement! You choose whether to use up your time or money or both on vague recruiters or seek genuine investment in yourself via more ambitious and structured goal progression. Also you maybe settled in your chosen career path and "jobsworth" or vague bosses are a pretty normal occurance nowadays!

Usually diktats or autocratic leadership styles suppress progression! Ask yourself, "how do I manage myself better?". If you're employed and you aim more higher, your boss personally can't guide you. Also employed "graduate psychologists" in several firms usually advise counselling when not really needed. Hence firms in both the public and private sector will cut corners to keep you at the same level!

Personalised and beneficial Career DTR Coaching leads to success;

Career DTR Coaching is personalised and beneficial to success;

All intellectuals that are any occupational level do care about their personal growth even if they may not realise it! We convert your self doubt and auto pilot mind frame into strong leadership qualities. Your career journey is unlimited enhancement to your empowerment and self worth. It is much more than just feeling better when someone you know well, compliments you. 

Everyone says, "life is for living large" and "Happiness is a gift". However, the reality of keeping up with family life or even hobbies is enjoyed better if your focused plan of action relates to your new and improved lifestyle. Hence building and examining your personalised goals and vision!

You may feel like part of the furniture if favouritism keeps overtaking friendly competition! If you're interests are in self employment, you may start writing a personalised business plan and commence micro scale with savings of at least £750. Nobody is telling you to wait and just keep taking it on the chin! 

Let's expand on all subtleties shown on clientele suitability;

Atul Nayak PhD's idealised clientele stems from his previous experience with ages 18+. Adult intellectuals are creative and inquisitive. Also graduate calibre means at least college diploma level. My reason for specialist consulting and coaching from graduate calibre level is because education remains a tremendous bonus.  

You may be seeking more challenges from either PIC or CDTRC at any stage. The early stage career path is like the DISCOVERY phase even if you say you're "OLD". Nor do you need to be entirely frugal or very wealthy to have advanced knowledge.

Those who see themselves as "old" still show their strong sense of ADVENTURE! The "in between" jobs status means focusing on greater stability. Overall I say that technical, creative and educational professions are a pleasure to engage with. Finally, I say that confidentiality is well known from Atul's full experience; relevant paperwork is provided. 





Simon Wyatt BA Dip.

Fantastic career coaching regarding encouragement and guidance on leadership including conflict resolution. I'm highly confident in seeking promotion to Scientific Officer level. 

Leyton Leighistor MSc

Excellent assistance from Atul Nayak PhD on a skin exfoilator made from PCL natural polymer. 

Maria Checketts MRes

I'm very pleased with Dr Nayak's assistance towards making a 95% natural, apple flavoured glycerine body bar. 

Harry Bedford BSc

Very happy with Atul's professionlism, especially the Vision and Goal's pyramid. I recently got promoted to Senior Technologist in my department. 


Atul Nayak PhD surely runs a unique and genuine specialist service! Firstly unique because my expertise is personalised, inquisitive and creative. Secondly genuine as my passion, attributes and talents exist for this dual niche. Some of my contacts in business have asked, "Why two niches instead of sticking to one?" My answer is simple. If you're educated and passionate about what you love doing, then enjoy your challenge. Also ensure that your two niches have the same clientele focus. You never want to pursue two unrelated clientele groups to begin with.

PIC is highly practical and requires everyone to get their hands dirty! Natural or organic products are innovative due to a plethora of botanical based compounds; the formulation part comes from Atul's previous experience. I can strongly reassure you that knowing the precise ins' and outs' of scientific corporations is NOT essential. All corporations run on the notion of division of labour, no matter how sophisticated. It means clever adults with sufficient savings can plan and run an innovative startup without lengthy corporate previleges. The idea of "perfect fit" is to benefit the company more than employees. There will always be post graduate scientists or engineers seeking better opportunities in the employment arena! For example, as far as I know, there is absolutely no such thing as a locum scientist in the UK. Hence both the public and private sector recruit scientist on a contractual or permanent basis. 

Self worth means your true evaluation from your real intellectual abilities. Hence maybe you are looking to monetise from your hidden talent and you do not want your superiors to know! Atul Nayak is also Atul Nayak PhD as in current business branding terms. I actually do not like talking about myself. This is due to the fact that I love assisting my fellow intellectual.    


Discounts available. Full quote; Ethical practice adopted and T&Cs apply. 


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