Career DTR Coaching (CDTRC) | Product Innovation Consultation (PIC)

Develop, Transition or improve Relations in your career. Develop your product from ideas to functional prototype
Bespoke to you


There remains a strong scope for new ideas turning into tangible products. Your basic ideas can be transformed into a proof of concept that is taken further towards a functional prototype (FP) via process manufacturing. Also interchangeably, Functional Working Prototype (FUNWP) is the same as FP. Manufacturing is done by attentive and reputed firms in the UK. The key factor here is strong collaboration than just the perception of an ordinary clientele. Product innovation (PI) is more than striving for fame or a patent to your name. The main purpose is to make your own FP before securing funding towards higher grade, higher aesthetic design and QC stage approval. PI is broken down into four areas of Ideas / Research, Innovation plan, Proof of concept and FP or FUNWP. Atul Nayak PhD provides excellent PIC. A local survey remains in progress! 


The job market remains precarious and highly competitive when settling down or seeking progression in your career. If you are a recent graduate seeking that ideal experience, you need to find solutions to break the catch 22 cycle! You can keep spending money like there is no tomorrow or you can look deeper into your talents and invest in yourself. If you are employed, your boss will rarely coach you to get the best talent out of you! If you are transitioning into the world of self employment, you can plan a graduate level start up with at least £750 capital. The objective of CDTRC is to build your idealist lifestyle and to tackle your career challenges. An idealist lifestyle is one that makes you a smart worker. Being on autopilot or not speaking up coherently is not going to make you resilient towards life challenges. CDTRC is broken down into four areas of Vision / Goals, Empowerment, Upskilling and Leadership. Atul Nayak PhD provides excellent CDTRC. A local survey remains in progress! 



Atul Nayak PhD is a postgraduate that engages brilliantly with fellow graduates with a technical, scientific or educational background. Normally nobody knows what you are truly capable! Most intellectuals cannot see beyond the pound or dollar signs and hence jump to their own conclusions. You may have little or tremendous amounts of experience in technical based industry or in an educational career. You are at least a graduate in engineering, scientific, technological or educational disciplines. The minimum level is a Bachelors degree. So many congratulations if you are a graduate or postgraduate. Your three or more letters to your name are priceless! Strong f i li i i t i d ith At l N k PhD fid ti lit t 11/30/22, 10:49 PM HOME – 4/5 professionalism is maintained with Atul Nayak PhD; your confidentiality agreement or NDA is what it says on the proverbial tin. Nevertheless part of the onus is on you to never forget or be tempted to gossip any details on it with family or friends.