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Atul Nayak PhD is a unique, professional and genuine dual niche, specialist proprietorship. Firstly, unique because the service is personalised and creative with a suitable research emphasis. Secondly, professional because graduates never stop learning and they focus on self improvement with a more enquiring mind than non graduates. Professionalism is fundamentally about being in charge and control of your formal tasks. Thirdly, genuine as passion, dedication and impartiality are hallmarks to honest doings. Wearing formal attire is optional but being open to a meaningful discussion is essential! Those with a business background have asked me, “Why two niches instead of just one?” The answer is simple. Feel free to start with more than one niche in business, within a healthy qualifications and confidence level to manage it. Nobody no matter how experienced is devoid of the pros and cons in expertise in their career journey. Product Innovation Consultancy (PIC) has a slight drawback when specialist manufacturing or formulation requirements need expensive trials. Delays are expected when getting in touch with technical staff and customers services of reputed firms in the UK. Nevertheless, every effort is made to push projects further as Dr Nayak is no ordinary clientele in their eyes. I hope you understand where I am coming from! The notion of “perfect fit” is purely for middle or lesser sounding occupations. Self worth is what you are really worth than individual performance on a couple of sheets of A4 paper. Maybe you have a hidden talent that you want to monetise on and become self employed. Indeed you need to follow your bosses orders in the employment arena. Nevertheless, you may feel micro managed or singled out, especially when being inquisitive. A transition towards self employment is achievable without giving up your regular commitments. You are definitely classed as experienced when you have at least three years of “real world” expertise in you! Dr Nayak is also known as Atul Nayak PhD. He is a qualified Career DTR Coach and PIC. He has a wealth of experience mostly from employment, a total of 21 years of enthusiasm, project work and expertise. His background is product innovation, applied science, some areas of applied engineering and academia. He has climbed the career ladder to just above middle ranking occupations; His current occupation is the highest achievable in proprietorship. Experienced graduates cannot be good at everything in the real world! My confession is that I’m lousy when it comes to Computing IT (System addiction) HOME ABOUT SERV QUICK SURVEY ICES FAQ 11/30/22, 10:50 PM ABOUT – 2/3 Experienced graduates cannot be good at everything in the real world! My confession is that I m lousy when it comes to Computing, IT (System addiction) and Traditional banking (not really traditional at heart). This does not imply I’m a far leftist!